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纽波特科学公司(Newport Scientific INC)收购哈伍德工程(Harwood Engineering)公司

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Acquisition of Harwood Engineering by Newport Scientific


Newport Scientific is proud to have acquired the Harwood Engineering Product Line and we are looking forward to continuing to service your need, with the same quality and high standards you have come to expect.  Please be patient with us as we make the transition. You can visit our new Harwood Deparment or use the navigation below, and as always feel free to call us for all your Harwood Product needs.

Newport Scientific很自豪能够收购Harwood工程产品线,我们期待着继续以您所期望的相同质量和高标准为您的需求提供服务。请耐心等待我们的过渡交接。您可以访问我们新的哈伍德部门或使用下面的导航,并一如既往地随时打电话给我们,以满足您所有的哈伍德产品需求。

History of Harwood Engineering 哈伍德工程公司的历史

Harwood was started by Donald H. Newhall in 1947 in answer to the demands of industrial and technical organizations for high-pressure equipment of size and range greater than elsewhere available. Hardware for generating and measuring pressure with associated piping and valving in various sizes reaching to 200,000 psi (1,380Mpa) has been offered from the start. In fact, they were the sole supplier of equipment above 3 Kilo bar (45,000 psi) in the United States at the time.

哈伍德于1947年由唐纳德·h·纽霍尔(Donald H. Newhall)创立,以满足工业和技术组织对尺寸和范围大于其他地方的高压设备的需求。从一开始,就提供了用于产生和测量压力的硬件,以及相关的各种尺寸的管道和阀门,最高可达20000psi(1,380Mpa)。事实上,他们是当时美国唯一的3,000 bar (45,000 psi)以上设备的供应商。

In the passing years, products of the company have proliferated both in range and variety: to include fittings suitable for gas pressure of 350,000 psi (2,413Mpa), systems incorporating vessels for 430,000 psi (2,965Mpa) and special devices operating to over 2,000,000 psi (13,793Mpa) (anvil apparatus), with pumps, compressors and intensifiers ranging from hand-operated models up to 150 H.P. electro hydraulic units.  Harwood developed the “Controlled Clearance” principle upon which primary standards of pressure to as high as 30 Kilo bar (3,000Mpa) are used throughout the world.

在过去的几年里,公司的产品在范围和品种上都有了激增:包括适用于350,000 psi(2,413Mpa)压力的配件,包含430,000 psi(2,965Mpa)压力容器的系统和超过2,000,000 psi(13,793Mpa)压力的特殊设备(铁砧设备),泵,压缩机和压力强化器,从手动型号到150马力的电动液压装置。Harwood开发了“控制间隙”原则,在此基础上,世界各地使用的主要压力标准高达30千巴(3,000Mpa)。

Again, Newport Scientific is proud to be the supplier for all of your Harwood products!

再次重申,Newport Scientific很荣幸能成为您所有Harwood产品的供应商!

High Pressure Testing Equipment 高压测试设备

Since 1947 Harwood Engineering Company, Inc has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of high pressure equipment, components and systems to generate, contain, measure and control very high-pressure levels in liquids and gases. Newport Scientific, Inc is proud to announce that we have acquired Harford Engineering's full line of high pressure equipment and supplies including tubing, fittings, valves, vessels, intensifiers, measurement cells, and other apparatus to pressures of 200,000 psi (1,380Mpa), with pumps, compressors and intensifiers ranging from hand-operated models up to 150 H.P. electro-hydraulic units.

自1947年以来,Harwood Engineering Company, Inc .一直从事高压设备,组件和系统的开发和制造,以产生,包含,测量和控制液体和气体中的高压水平。Newport Scientific, Inc自豪地宣布,我们已经收购了Harford Engineering的全系列高压设备和用品,包括管道,配件,阀门,容器,增强器,测量单元和其他压力为20000psi(1,380Mpa)的设备,泵,压缩机和增强器,从手动模型到150马力的电动液压单元。

For over seventy years, Harwood Engineering has designed and manufactured high pressure equipment capable of producing pure isostatic pressures to 30kbar (3,000Mpa) (430,000 psi) at room and elevated temperatures, and with presses up to 5,000 tons for quasi-hydrostatic pressures, necessary in the manufacturing of diamonds and fundamental studies in pure physics, geophysics, and geochemistry. Newport Scientific is proud to have acquired the Harwood Engineering product line and you can now come to us for the great quality product you have come to expect.

70多年来,Harwood Engineering设计和制造的高压设备能够在室温和高温下产生高达30,000 bar (3,000Mpa = 430,000 psi)的纯等静压力,压力机可达到5000吨的准静流体压力,这是制造钻石和纯物理、地球物理和地球化学基础研究所必需的。Newport Scientific很自豪能够收购Harwood Engineering产品线,您现在可以向我们寻求您所期望的高质量产品。

The majority of our effort involves manufacturing to each of our customer’s unique specifications, requiring direct and ongoing contact with our clients throughout the entire process. Most of our clients are industrial organizations, educational institutions, research facilities, and government agencies.


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